Our firm represents clients of all ages that have suffered injuries in all types of accidents. We have represented drivers, passengers, children and pedestrians involved in auto, truck, motorcycle, airplane and bike accidents, animal attacks, product failures, injuries due to unsafe premises, collisions with livestock and wrongful death and survivor claims.

We have settled claims involving every type of traumatic injury both physical and emotional. We have expertise working with doctors, hospitals and other medical providers which is critical to the successful outcome of your case.

The cases discussed herein are just a few examples of cases recently settled by our law firm. Results differ from case to case depending upon the unique facts of each case. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the results of any particular case.

$330,000.00 High-Speed Head-On Collision on Highway

$105,000.00 Trip and Fall on Dock at a Yacht Club

A 33 year old man was driving on the highway when a driver on the opposite lane crossed over and hit him head-on. The at fault party did not have enough insurance money to compensate his injuries, but both parties came to an agreeable settlement. This is a good reminder that we should all make sure to have a good insurance policy!
A 72 year old woman tripped and fell on a dock due to a boat cleat that had been left in the middle of the walkway after a dock remodel that should have removed it. Due to the new layout of the pathways on the dock, as well as a tent that made things harder to see due to the lack of light, it was a safety hazard that could have been avoided.

$2,000,000.00 Motorcycle/Livestock Collision

$1,000,000.00 Car Accident Caused Pre-Mature Labor and Delivery of Twins

A 60 year old gentleman was driving his motorcycle to work at night on Highway 28 between Soap Lake and Ephrata, Washington when he struck a cow wandering upon the highway.  The collision  caused serious injuries to our client and presented unique legal issues that were resolved in our client's favor.
A young woman pregnant with twins was involved in a rear-end car accident that caused pre-mature labor and delivery of the babies.  I am pleased to report that the mother and babies are now doing well.

$745,000.00 Woman's Neck Injured in a Car Accident

$540,000.00 Motorcyclist Struck by a Metro Bus

A 34 year old wife and mother of two, who is employed in warehouse work was involved in a collision with a teenage driver resulting in a neck injury requiring cervical fusion surgery.  The settlement allowed her to pay all of her medical bills, recover her wage loss and buy a house for her and her family.
A Single father of one who was employed as a short haul delivery driver was struck on his motorcycle by a Metro bus causing serious right ankle injuries.  The settlement allowed our client to recover his medical bills and wage loss and purchase a home for he and his son.

$128,642.50 Low Impact Car Accident

$524,118.76 Pedestrian Injured on Highway

A 50 year old husband and father of two from Issaquah injured his left shoulder in a low impact rear-end car collision. The client came to us because the insurance company refused to pay a portion of his medical bills and offered no settlement. We ensured that all of his medical bills were paid and obtained the above settlement without litigation.
A 68 year old husband was standing on a highway at night in Sumner, Washington helping his wife whose car had stalled when he was hit and critically injured by a hit and run driver.

$150,000.00 Injured Shoulder
Gray v. Kwon

$135,000.00 Car Struck a Horse
Rivera v. Dennison

Mr. Gray was referred to us by a Seattle attorney. When he came to our law firm he had been given a final insurance company "take it or leave it" offer of $7,000.00. Our Firm successfully proved liability in Court and the disabling nature of Mr. Gray's shoulder injury resulting in a $150,000.00 settlement.
Mr. Rivera was on his way to work at 5:00AM in Enumclaw, Washington when he struck a horse that was wandering loose upon the highway causing him serious injury. The insurance company for the horse owner and the insurance company for the property owner where the horse was kept denied liability. Subsequent litigation forced the insurance companies to accept liability and resulted in the above settlement two months before trial.

$468,000.00 Settlement Jensen

$226,258.03 Dog Bite Injury 

A young single mother of 3 children suffered a mild brain injury when she was struck by an elderly driver while walking down the shoulder of a road in Puyallup, Washington.
A father of two was attacked by a pitbull causing injuries to his lower lip requiring surgical repair.